Men lightweight:

  1. Mateuz Garbacz - Poland

  2. Martin Aparicio - Sweden

  3. Radoslav Parol - Poland

Men middleweight:

  1. Patryk Kostrzewa - Poland

  2. Even Mannsåker - Norway

  3. Michael Meinecke - Denmark

Men Light heavyweight:

  1. Mazur Maciej - Poland

  2. Rafal Zajac - Poland

  3. Fredrik Johansson - Sweden

Men Super heavy weight:

  1. Fredrik Olsson - Sweden

  2. Maciej Matusewicz - Poland

  3. Patryk Wojnar -Poland

Polacsek Zoltán Best tec. prize - Hungary

Women heavy weight:

  1. Szepesi Csenge - Hungary  ( best tec. prize)

  2. Christine Buchholtz - Denmark

  3. Kirsten Galatius Smith - Denmark

Women Middle weight

  1. Helga Toth - Hungary

  2. Julita Burczynska - Poland

  3. Marta Lubos - Poland

Women Light weight

  1. Agata Godos - Poland

  2. Cicci Feinstein - Sweden

  3. Astrid Jensen - Denmark


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Danish Open 2009 + vids








2011 Danish Open men

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Danish Open 2011. This is a tournament with a long tradition. Many great fighters have fought here over the years. This year the tournament stronger than before. (9.10) Hungarian and Polish fighters who are ready the World Championships were ready to fight. It is difficult to draw up a single class as the best, for it was a good level in all. This applies to men as well as women's classes. In the largest women's class-65kg were several fighters with strong records. Helga Toth from Hungary won its class, with strong technical and fighting from start to finish. Poland took second and third place and this is also two very good fighters, we are going to see more from.


Szepesi Csenge from Hungary, won above 65 kg class, and that relatively easy. She also had the best athlete award for women. She goes to normal in the sub, but now that the World Championships is next, it is natural to go up since it's open weight.

Agata Godos from Poland won the lightest women's class, with debutant Cicci Feinstein in second place. She was one of several debutantes who commented strongly on this day.


The men classes were also fighting hard. The number of fighters in the lightweight and middle weight was good, and with 4 Fights to capture the gold it will be a good test. Lightweight won by Mateuz Garbacz from Poland. He showed in several matches that he had all the weapons you need to win tournaments. Second place tSecond place was Martin who has many years of fighting behind him. Martin actually took second place in the same tournament in 1997 (!)


Men middleweight was won by Patryk Kostrzewa from Poland ahead of Even Mannsåker from Norway. The final was fought. It was first said that there was no final because of disqualification of Patryk Kostrzewa. But so should the final be held anyway. This meant that Norway (coach / fighter) chose not to start. But we want to express that Patryk Kostrzewa is a clearly worthy winner, which he showed in the fighting until the final. Worth to say is that this second place is the first for Norway since 1989!!

Ready for the World Championships is Mazur Maciej from Poland, and this he shows by winning the light heavyweight class in the Danish Open. Strong physical and good movement. Super heavyweight was a strong class this year. The winner was Swedish Fredrik Olsson who is also ready for this year's World Cup. Olsson showed strong aggressive fighting and had the ability to take out that little extra in the regular games. This ensured victory after coming in second place 08 and 09 Very deserved, and he has worked hard for. Second place in the year, Maciej Matusewicz from Poland. But one must also point out Patryk Wojnar who came in third place. He has failed to deliver good results over the past year. Austria Open and the Swiss Open is examples of this, but in the Danish Open showed Patryk Wojnar a completely different game! This was far more technical and moveable than before. And this come really to show when Patryk met Olsson this year. For those who remember those two have meet before in Swedish Open 2010. In Swedish Open Olsson was dominant and took the fight far more easy than this time. But you may say that a "reborn" of Patryk Wojnar also pushed the best out of Olsson!







Danish Open DRAW 2011




Some new entries,from Germany among the mens middleweight and heavyveight. There are also a change in the weight limit for the two heaviest category for men. Heawyweight =  80-96 kg  and Super heavyweight +96 kg. This change will even out the number of fighters in these two classes. This is great work from the organiser,and it shows the will to make the best tournement possible for the fighters!

Check out the new categories over!


Som new fighters are in,and some er out. Also there have been some fighters have been changing from one weightclass to another. Looking at the fighters over all, this is set to be a very good tournament! Eyes up for the lightweight category men with 14 fighters aat the start line. The women middleweight will also be a good category,with 13 fighters from 6 nations! Women lightweight with 4 fighters,can for many be a small class. But thinking of the fact that countries like Sweden,Danmark and Norway have problems to hold nationale tournaments in this class,because of few fighters,is this a great start for this category to get along.

NOTE : men -90 with 3 fighters,will be hold. Fighting with the pool system makes that they all will meet and get 2 fight each. (good solution)

This tournament can be seen as a change of generations in the line of fighters as well,and that will as always be interesting to discover new strong fighters growing up!

The Danish Karate Organisation arranges the Danish Open Knock Down Karate tournament.
The tournament is held every other year, and is probably the oldst and most traditional knock down tournament in Europe.
The next Danish Open will be held 10 September 2011.

Registration befor 25th August

The tournament will take place in Korsgadehallen, in the center of Nørrebro - close to cafés, shopping, public transport etc.

The previous years have given us some great fight of high quality. The top European fighters attend this tournament, and both kyokushin fighters, ashihara fighters as well as other styles have be represented at the tournament.

The following protection is mandatory:

The fighting will be done after EKO rules, which simplified means:

The fighting time will be 3 min and if nessesary extensions: 2 min., 2 min., weight (boards), 2 min.
Tamashewari (the breaking of boards) will be done before semifinals, and only by men.