Once again the time has come to Swedish Open. The tournament is held every two years and is the counterpart to the Danish Open, which in turn is held the years in between. Swedish Open has been a very good standard overall,and all the team around as well as fighters have been top brand.


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Men Lightweight -70kg 14 fighters



  David Engelhardt - Keiko/Sweden


out of the tournament

  Edik Sargsyan -Sargsyan dojo



  Jaras_Kristof Hungary, Tiger Dojo Budapest




  Mathias Carlsson  Linköping/Sweden



  Abdullah Khan  -  Pakistan KKO HQ              



Daniel Karsson - Wiklund Dojo                             




   Alan Shnawa  - BKK-Crystal palace


     out of the tournament

  Nermin Mehmedagic - Ale karate



  Andrius Miseckas - Rifas




   Konrad Kozubowski - Poland OKKK



  Christoffer Sjölund - bollebygd kyokushin



  Johan Karlsson - bollebygd kyokushin



   Hannan Lohrasbi - Iran



  Amritpal Singh - power zone karate club



  Jiwan - power zone karate club



  Eric Magnusson - Banzai Karate Kai



  Men Middleweight -80kg 16 fighters


Oscar Bertilsson - Uppsala/Sweden


Frank Gjermand- Denmark kyokushin 



  Darren Chan Bethnal Green Dojo



Simon Eriksson - Uppsala/Sweden    




  Sebastien Dhorme  Nintai Dojo France            



  Kovács Balázs Hungary, Tiger Dojo



  Fernando Gandia Spain / J.Talan Dojo




  Raja Asif Muhammad - Pakistan KKO HQ           



Shujaatullah Khan -Pakistan KKO HQ 



Gustav Dahl Sverige                       



Daniel Sveder - Luleĺ Karateklubb                 



Michael Meineche -Farum Dojo



       Vytautas Cepla / SAULES ZENKLAS






         out of the tournament

  Gustav Collin Rasmussen




  Maher Bahjat - Stockholms Kyokushin Karate



  Diego Lussi - Steinmann Dojo



Men Heavyweight +80kg 14 fighters


    Karl-Johan Andrén - Uppsala/Sweden   Faddy Allan - Denmark kyokushin



  Romain Gentile-Dojo LE CANNET

  Patryk Wojnar - Lubos Dojo/ Poland   Marek Wolny - Lubos Dojo/ Poland



    Tomas Eriksson - Luleĺ KK

    Kevin Wiklund - Wiklund Dojo



   Lemieszko Lukasz - POLAND / KARPISKI DOJO



  Simon Pĺlsson - Lund IF Kyokushin



  Mohammad Jamshidi - Iran



  Mohammad Tork - Iran



  Inderjit Singh - power zone karate club



  Aristides Fernandes - Banzai Karate Kai



  Jimmie Collin Keiko/Sweden


 Women -65kg 10 fighters



  Elvedina Kljajic Keiko/Sweden



  Johanna Rapp Keiko/Sweden



  Anett Leiter Hungary, Tiger Dojo Budapest



  Tina Johansen  RKK/ Norway


out of the tournament

  Denisova Kristina  Yakunin Dojo/ Russia



   Marta Lubos Lubos Dojo /Poland


out of the tournament

   Dobroslawa Habraszka Lubos Dojo /Poland






  Aleksandra Vulevic kyokushinkai kbh



Canan Yorulmaz / Netherlands Amaterasu dojo


out of the tournament

    Natalia Janocha - Lamot Dojo



  Helga Tóth - Yakuzak Se




  Agata Godos - Poland OKKK


Women +65kg 6 fighters



  Christine Buchholtz  Denmark, Dojo Nansensgade



Linnéa Bengtsson - Bollebygd Budo-kai



   Samantha Williams - Wiklund Dojo



  Nazila Bahadorpour - Iran



  Sara Hägge - Göteborgs Karate Kai



  Kirsten Galatius Smith - Denmark DAO

The first edition in 2006 hit the Kyokshin family with a "bang!"  Fighters with strong records and well known names met at the arena and decided who would become the first Swedish Open champion . The Swedish homefighter, Jimmie Collin took the middleweight division. And this division had a great number of high class fighters as the Lithuanian Orest Proc who met Collin in the final.

The heavyweight was,if possible, even a harder division. Darius Gudauskas (Lit) took this division, defeated Japanese fighter Takatsugu Naito with Mindaugas Pavilionis (Lit) third.

The women -65 class was also strong with Margarita Ciuplyte (Lit)on top, Isis Pinilla (Spain) and Kumiko Sunakawa (Japan) third Sunakawa also fighting strongly and recived the spirit award.Women +65 another homefighter ,Daniela Erkelenz winning against Viki Damnjanovska, also Sweden and Barbara Baluda Spain, in third place.

Since then the tournament countinues to attract godt fighters from all around, therefore are you in Gôtenburg at Swedish Open 15. September 2012!

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