Last day of the camp, and no one can think that is all over so soon. Suszuki Sensei and Sunakawa Sensei left to the airport early in the morning, and we all wish them a safe trip back to Japan. We also hope that they will return to Norway, sooner the better!

It has also been the camp last training, a light warm up training for brused up bodies =o) this training was also a warm up for those who was piced out to fight in the belt test for the Shodan candidates. 30 rounds of 2 minutes, and the candidates did really well. And dont forget Sempai Anne-Therese who manage to raise her level up to 2nd Dan!




The Kumite part was a great ending of the campall were significantly emotionally affected by this final session. The camp as a whole has been a total experience that you can take hold on to later in life. Much thanks to our Japanese guests without a doubt, but we've of course all part of this. All travelers who came from far and wide, to our Swedish friends who lifted up this camp with their competanse and warm presence. And to all candidates : You never gave up, took the presure and passed on the spirit to our younger geberations!



Suzuki Sensei


The participants are well aware that the body has received a lot of good training now. And several are stiff and sore, while the good mood continues to rise! Dan candidates are now under scrutiny. And they are truly tested. Basic and Kata as well as the ability to instruct and lead are tested today. Tomorrow is the time for Kumite.

The rest of the camp is led by Sunakawa Sensei and Suzuki Sensei had Kumite, where all the camp's athletes have been training together. This is a great pleasure for everyone, but perhaps most for the youngest. This training was held outside on the grass, which was a little new to anyone. -but of course no problem, and once enough time passed incredibly fast!


Sunakawa Sensei


Suzuki Sensei with good advice


It should be noted that the day started 06:30, and the training was completed as yesterday - With Tabata intervals! There was a rumor that it was Suzuki Sensei who wanted this, but it was Sensei Sjur who was responsible! ;o)

After the interval we relaxed arms, legs and the body, and it was done under light light sparring training. A very good start on this day!

today's second training camp had experienced Kumite athletes a training with Suzuki Sensei. There was a lot of sparring with the tasks you had to solve technically. A strong focus on training smart so you do not get injuries, it was also working on. There were many good rounds and performers also had to work hard on the physical aspect.

Sensei ("Tabata"!) Sjur



Sunakawa Sensei has today completed several good training sessions with Kata and Basic. There are more liren to test for Dan degrees. And they have fine adjustments before the final test starting later. With empathy and skill training sessions have been led, and the time has flown away!



Suzuki Sensei And Sempai Ronny


Today's fourth and last exercise had Kumite on schedule. But this time the camp was divided into different groups. Separate groups for men, a separate group for women and a separate group of children. All groups focused on the same topic. And it was also time for sparring in the group this time as well. And of course, with great enthusiasm and joy!

Suzuki Sensei and Johannes  /Sweden


Suzuki Sensei  and Sempai Steffen


Today's third training has taken more Kumite, sparring and has also been performed. Suzuki Sensei  has started training with technical details, which the participants try to take with them into sparring. There is great joy in training, and big smiles on everyone's faces! Many also had the pleasure of sparring with Suzuki Sensei himself, and it was for many the highlight alone.


Sensei Virpi and Kristina


Sensei Suzuki - Tabata training!


1st training led by Suzuki Sensei, and the focus : Basic Kumite.

Sensei Suzuki showed the depth of key elements of kumite, how the body is used most effectively and their personal specialties. He also explained why this worked well for him personally. but also explained that everyone must find their right way that works for their personally.

The training ended in hard  physical work - Tabata intervals!


Sunakawa Sensei and Sensei Suzuki


Sunakawa Sensei  - Kata


2nd training led by Sensei Sunakawa - Kata

The group was divided into degrees, and Kata training was completed.  Sensei Sunakawa led the Dan gradient in the basic and Kata, and this ver a very good training where the total focus should never disappear. Very technical and with empathy -Sunakawa Sensei  lift the Nordic athletes and their level of karate .

Norwegian sensei's also helped to instruct, and this was also done good training!


Sensei Erik Helin - Kata




And two training sessions have been held in the afternoon and evening. Sensei Kumiko led the first training, which included Kihon, Kata and technique training in new forms for many. After that was dinner, before Sensei Suzuki led training with the "basic Kumite" as the theme. Kumite Detailed instructed by Suzuki Sensei, who dealt with explanation of the position angles in battle, the body's strong lines and his own specialties.

Summer camps participants come from all over Norway and Sweden. Is very satisfied after the first day, and looking forward to the next day that will bring even more!

More to come...

Sensei Suzuki pictures..